The Hidalgo
way of doing it

Our success as entrepreneurs in Bolivia is not only the outcome of our solid heritage and our highly trained team. Our success is the result of a conception of productivity that lives in gerunds: dreaming, planning, changing, proposing, and doing. Especially doing.

An achievement is not the end of one action but the beginning of all the others.

Although it was born from a successful hotel chain in Potosí, HidalgoCorp understands business as the result of geared actions that turn into, not only the growth of a particular industry, but the creation of links with new possibilities, new challenges, and new opportunities.

The Hidalgo culture belongs to a broader conception of success. One that values the journey, the battles, and the goals that seem unattainable, as a fundamental part of the construction of possibilities.
The elasticity of our offer, our understanding of B2B and B2C relationships, our financial strength, and our glocal thinking (global + local), allow us to act strategically within a continuous state of experimentation, execution, review, resilience, and reversal, in each one of the paths we take.

We believe in the potential of Bolivia, we believe in a thriving and possible world, and we believe in the transformative power of having big dreams, clear goals, and organized actions.
Our mission

Doing business as a Hidalgo would. In the manner of the "ingenious hidalgo" (Don Quixote de la Mancha): with determination, good allies, intelligence, courage, nobility, wisdom, and trusting the (beautiful) madness of having faith in the future.

Our vision

To constitute a diversified business ecosystem that starts from our vast experience in the tourism industry and that expands, with avid curiosity, towards other sectors of investment and growth.

Our values

Our founding values are, at the same time,
those of the industry that gave us birth: we understand business as we understand travel.

  • Good planning.
  • Opening to new directions.
  • Curiosity.
  • Investing in the transcendent.

The founders

Managing director

Juan Gabriel Quesada

Hotels General Manager

Lucía Quesada


“The wind cannot be prevented, but you have to know how to build mills.”

Dutch proverb

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